About Center

Mamoun Behairy Centre for Economic and Social Studies and Researches in Africa (MBC) was established to commemorate at the late Mamoun Beheiry, a pioneering Sudanese economist and statesman, the first president of the African Development Bank, the first governor of the Central Bank of Sudan, and twice Minister of finance.
It was established on the initiative and support of his friends, family, and disciplines, and receive generous donation from public and private institutions, both inside and outside of Sudan.
The centre serves as a living testimony to the man, his life, and his achievements, and will strive to continue his work.
MBC is an African, independent, non-governmental and non-profit research and training institution that is meant to be a center of excellence to encourage, promote and sponsor in-depth research and studies in the disciplines and fields that Mamoun Beheiry loved and excelled in, namely those related to economic and social development in Africa.
The centre is based in Khartoum, with the possibility of establishing branches in other parts of Africa.

Vision & Mission:

The work of the MBC will be guided by the basic of tenet that development is synonymous with freedom.
The mission of MBC is to utilize researches as a tool to improve the quality of life of the African people and to realize their aspirations in dignity, progress and development.


1- To inform decision makers by encouraging dialogue among experts and policy-makers that could lead to the exploration and development of policy options.
2- Researches and training in five key priority areas of concern to African people and their policy-makers, namely:
sustained economic development
poverty alleviation;
capacity building and promotion of African economic integration
Good governance
The impact of conflicts on development.
Organize a series of public lectures given by high profile speakers, both from inside and outside the Sudan, seminars and workshops on current and emerging issues.