Strategy for Development in the 21st Century – A Leadership Agenda


           The world is changing rapidly for which ‘traditional’ development agencies, actors and professionals need to smartly reinvent themselves to remain relevant for effective development.  The development agenda have become more ambitious, and the development players have become more populated. The development tools, products and services have to embrace new realities, and selectively the development agencies are expected to assume a catalytic, innovative and leadership role. This program aims to create a dialogue to stimulate new thinking and approaches to strategy for development in the 21st Century.

Outline of the Discussion:

With our development journey and network, we offer to provide some insight of global conversations in relation to 2 dimensions:

  1. A Perspective of Global Development Agenda

In this section, we propose to give an overview of key recent global conversations with regard to global development agenda and the development actors.  In this regard, we will attempt to highlight the work of G20, development think tanks and that of the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs).

  • A Perspective of Development Strategy for the 21st Century

In this section, we will attempt to provide an overview of how development strategy is being approach and has evolved, both at the country level and of global development insitutions, namely the MDBs.


Knowledge Exchange

The presentation made is to provide context with a view to challenge the existing understanding and assumptions.  The aim is stimulate a knowledge exchange among the participants in helping to identify emerging opportunities of the VUCA world, and to help rethink the existing approach of strategy in development in the local context.

About Rafee Yusoff

  • Distinguished Fellow, Al Aghar Group. A Saudi Arabia think for the Knowledge Economy-Society
  • Founding Fellow, ACADEMY of Engineering and Technology of the Developing World (AETDEQ)
  • Adviser to 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamed. Rafee was directly involved in the conceptualizing and implementation of Malaysian transformation into the knowledge society-economy during the premiership of Dr Mahathir, towards realizing Vision 2020.
  • Adviser to Former Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia, Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis. Rafee has been instrumental in seeding the global advocacy agenda for the Ministry.
  • Adviser to former IDBG President, Dr Ahmed Mohamed Ali. Rafee has been the key resource in IDBG Vision 1440H, and its implementation.
  • Former Sherpa, to the Heads of Multilateral Development Bank group.


  • Founder, Global Alliance in ICT for Development (GAID), a platform established under UN SG, post WSIS 2005.
  • Former Group Vice President, MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia- A policy think tank and R&D corporation of Microelectronics and ICT.
  • Former CEO of a few technology start-ups and founding manufacturing firms in Malaysia.
  • Founder of Co-Development Technology Venture Fund, ENCIPTA, Malaysia. The fund was set as a vehicle to realize the Malaysia’ ICT transformation.


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