Training Plan for 2018


The general features of the training plan

Comes the training plan for 2016 supportive and localized strategic position in the fields of research and studies, consulting and assistance as well as to implement the plans and strategies of state for economic and social development and improve the efficiency and capabilities of workers at all levels of leadership, executive and supervisory in all the administrative apparatus of the state institutions in various their ministries and institutions of scientific and administrative productivity and bodies in the private sector In civil society organizations ..

The plan aims to make a quantum leap in the administrative development and skills enhancement and development of administrative and technical capacities and senior executive leadership and supervisory levels in order to lead the implementation of development plans and programs of various economic and social sectors.


Based on the above premise, the program was divided into three types as follows:

General programs available to all comers from all job levels
Specialized programs that address issues, especially in the various fields of management techniques and topics.
Customized programs for administrative leaders supreme.


Number Training activity Training Event Length (Duration)
1 Internal Audit building on risk


Risk Based Internal Auditing 5 day
2 Supervisory role in the reduction of financial irregularities by measuring Alriecesh risk index Prevention of Financial Irregularities by measuring Risk Indicators 3 day
3 Internal Controls Systems computerized COBIT Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology 5 day
4 Audit and internal control systems in accordance with the COSO system


Internal Auditing and control (COSO) 5 day
5 Preparation of internal audit reports and papers done according to the IIA standards Internal Auditing Reports based on IIA standards 5 day
6 Control and audit system standards under the Corporate Governance Standards of Control and audit systems under the Corporate Governance 5 day
7 Methods and ways to combat money laundering and terrorism financing Combating Anti- Money Laundering  & Terrorism Financing 3 day
Number Training activity Training Event Length (Duration)
1 Management Accounting and its role in decision-making Management Accounting and its role in Decision Making 5 day
2 Financial management and its role in employment optimization of financial resources Financial Management and its role Financial Resources Optimization 5 day
3 The shift from cash basis accounting to accrual basis Moving from Cash basis of Accounting to Accrual Concept 5 day
4 Preparation of financial reports in accordance with International Standards on Reporting Preparation and Analysis of financial reports based on IFRS standards 5 day
5 Strategic Financial Analysis of the financial statements Strategic Financial Statement Analysis 5 day
6 Department of International trade operations in banks Management of International Trade Finance Operations in Banks 5 day
7 Comprehensive cash management and oversight of cupboards Cash and Treasury Management 5 day
8 Non-financial and financial (sub prepare budgets for the departments managers skills) Finance For non- Financial (Departmental Budgets) 5 day
Number Training activity Training Event Length (Duration)
1 How to prepare institutions to obtain ISO certification and Excellence Preparing Organizations for ISO Certification and organizational Excellence 5 day
2 Internal Audit Systems quality applications


Internal Auditing For Quality Systems 5 day
3 Strategic Planning Excellence Institutional according to the standards of the European quality system EFQM Strategic Planning for Institutional Excellence According to EFQM Excellence Model 5 day
4 Quality improvement techniques


Techniques of Quality Improvement 5 day

Organization and development of the institutional Action Network in accordance with the European EFQM Excellence Model

Workshop: organizational Development based on EFQM 5 day
Number Training activity Training Event Length (Duration)
1 In modern strategic human capital management (the role of the service to the business) partners The new Human Capital Management Strategy ( From Service Role to Business Partner Role) 5 day
2 Planning and analysis of training needs in accordance with the modern concept of competencies


Competencies Based TNA 5 day
3 Investment in human capital strategies and measure the return on training ROI


Human Resources Capital Investment Strategy & ROI 5 day
4 Performance evaluation using the methodology of Management by Objectives and framework of competencies Performance Appraisal based on MBO and Competences Framework 5 day
5 اManagement and operation of electronic training systems in accordance with the standards of modern management


Management of E- Learning System 5 day
Number Training activity Training Event Length (Duration)
1 Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management 3 day
2 Advanced procurement strategies and warehouse and logistics management Advance Strategies for Purchasing, warehouses and logistics Management 3 day
3 Warehousing and material management planning Inventory Planning and Materials Management 3 day
4 Procurement planning and study of tenders Purchase Planning and Tenders Studying 3 day
Number Training activity Training Event Length (Duration)
Management by Objectives, analyze and extract performance indicators Management by objectives and KPIs 3 day
1 Economic feasibility studies and applications Feasibility Study 5 day
2 Institutional development in accordance with the strategies and decisions of the Supreme Command The organization development according to leadership strategies 3 day
3 Strategic and operational planning of the leaders of the first and second grade Strategic planning 3 day
4 Professionalism in the management and evaluation of projects project  management 3 day
5 Integrated Skills in the administrative capacity development – supervisory level Managerial skills – supervisory level 3 day
6 Integrated skills in secretarial and office management Secretarial Skills and office management
Number Training activity Training Event Length (Duration)
1 Practical applications in the management of customer relations CRM Customer Relationship Management CRM 5 day
2 Smart strategic models for sale Smart strategic sales 3 day
3 Development of marketing and sales skills methods Effective marketing and selling techniques 3 day
4 E-Marketing Electronic Marketing 3 day
5 Excellence in customer service Customer service excellence 3 day