Training Plan for 2020


The general features of the training plan

Comes the training plan for 2020 supportive and localized strategic position in the fields of research and studies, consulting and assistance as well as to implement the plans and strategies of state for economic and social development and improve the efficiency and capabilities of workers at all levels of leadership, executive and supervisory in all the administrative apparatus of the state institutions in various their ministries and institutions of scientific and administrative productivity and bodies in the private sector In civil society organizations ..

The plan aims to make a quantum leap in the administrative development and skills enhancement and development of administrative and technical capacities and senior executive leadership and supervisory levels in order to lead the implementation of development plans and programs of various economic and social sectors.


Based on the above premise, the program was divided into three types as follows:

General programs available to all comers from all job levels
Specialized programs that address issues, especially in the various fields of management techniques and topics.
Customized programs for administrative leaders supreme.