work plan

Centre’s work plan for 2016


  1. an introduction:


    Mamoun Beheiry Centre for Studies and Research on Economic, Social in Africa is a non-governmental, non-profit organization independent, they have officially opened the center in June 2010. The establishment of the center effort is better than friends and colleagues of the late Mamoun Buheiry considerable support from institutions and companies and the Sudanese banks as well as non-Sudanese institutions have the greatest support for the center came from the Bank of Sudan and the Ministry of Finance and the Sudanese Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, which contributed $ million dollars for building the center.
    The center aims in general – to promote dialogue between experts and policy makers in order to research and develop different alternatives for economic and social policies by taking the results of research and studies conducted by the center is also interested in the development of human resources through training of cadres intermediate and build their capacities in various related fields.
    In the short to medium term, the interests of the center and Osbakyate focused on the following issues:
    Macroeconomic management issues in Sudan and Africa.
    Inequality in incomes and opportunities, and their impact on development and social justice.
    Conflicts and disputes on sustainable development in Sudan and the Horn of Africa effect.
    Standards and requirements of adult governance in the Horn of Africa region.
    Poverty alleviation.
    Proposed activities

    Based on the research center’s objectives and interests of the aforementioned center it intends to carry out the following activities:

    First, in the area of production of research

    Financing and production research (2-6 Research) are chosen carefully from among the subjects of research proposals submitted for the center in order to address contemporary problems facing the process of economic and social development in Sudan and Africa.

    Second, in the field of studies

    The center conducted two studies or on his own initiative or more studies are needed from a third party (government / international or regional institutions / private sector).

    Third, in lectures and seminars

    a. Establishment of semi-annual lecture attended by specialists from home and abroad about the challenges associated with the development process in Africa, including Sudan.

    B. Stay between 4-8 public lectures (experts / Round Table Group) on development issues in Sudan.

    C. A seminar (annual) about some of the macroeconomic policies in Africa (very English) are chosen theme (theme) have one of the following topics:

    – Policies and problems associated with sustainable economic growth (include / financial / monetary and economic policies and trade policies that encourage investment).

    – The achievement of social justice in the light of sustainable economic growth (fair distribution of income among citizens and between rural and urban areas and across generations) at the invitation of one of the former heads of the African Development Bank and / or the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa are carried out (ECA) and / or the Commissioner of the economy of the African Union .

    Dr. Annual blocked the meeting (of ministers and ministers of State for Finance and National Economy of ex-governors of the Central Bank of Sudan ex-about macroeconomic policies in Sudan).

    Fourth, in the area of capacity building

    – The establishment of a training course for capacity building of the mandates of Sudan in the field of design and business indicators for economic and social development of States.

    – The establishment of training courses based on requests from third parties in coordination with the Ministry of Human Resources and international and regional development institutions inside and outside Sudan.

    – Is hosting training courses.

    – Host lectures and seminars conference hall in the center.

    Fifth: in publishing

    – A number of publications on behalf of the center include the opening of a lecture center (Africa and the Third Millennium goals).

    – Initial Annual Symposium (enclosed) Finance Ministers and Governors of Central Bank of Sudan ex-about macroeconomic policies in Sudan.

    – Lecture economic challenges of the post-referendum period.

    – Lecture Malaysian experience in the development.

    – Lecture democratic transformation in the Arab world between the constraints and the factors driving it.

    – Lecture Malate economic situation after the secession of the south.

    – Issuance of the initial newsletter of the center during the year 2012.

    – Paper library and e-library support center contemporary books and scientific journals in the fields of economic and social development. And participation in the websites operating in the field of book publishing – and promotion to benefit from the center’s library services for researchers, academics and other interested parties.

    Sixth: In the field of cooperation between the center and the Centers for Economic and Social Research in Africa and outside Africa relations as well as with international and regional institutions working in the field.

    – Visits to some of the studies and researches economic and social centers in Africa and outside Africa in order to establish relations of cooperation with them and look at their experience in the field.

    – To continue to build cooperative relationships with international and regional institutions and the United Nations working in the field and organizations in order to attract Technical assistance and cooperate with them in carrying out research and studies and capacity building programs in African countries.

    – Work to enable the Centre to attend the annual meetings of the African Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank for the purpose of promoting the center and build cooperative relations with such institutions and the institutions and centers participating in such annual meetings.

    Seventh: strengthen the financial resources of the center

    a. Center’s reliance on its own resources starting from the year 2012 to ensure the sustainability of its activities through:

    – Work on building a Trust Fund in the amount of 15 million pounds (about $ 5.5 million) are employed in financial investments whose returns are used in the current rate of exchange corresponding to the center.

    – Work to increase revenue center of studies carried out by the Centre for non-activity and capacity services and rental of the conference hall, meeting rooms and building rental stores attached to building the center.

    – Work to rationalize the current rate of exchange.