Capacity Building for Enhanced Gender Participation in Peace and Economic



                                                Republic Of Sudan

Capacity Building for Enhanced Gender Participation in Peace and Economic

Activities Project CB-EGPPEA

Project ID No:  P-SD- ID0003

Grant No. 590015509901

                                      GENERAL PROCUREMENT NOTICE

1. The republic of Sudan  has received a loan from the African Development Bank/African Development Fund/Nigeria Trust Fund° to finance the Capacity  Building for Enhanced Gender  Participation in Peace and Economic Activities CB-EGPPEA

2. The principal objectives of this project are to :

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to enhanced participation of women in public private dialogue and peace building processes. The specific objective is to build the capacity/empowerment of women for active participation in peace process and employment creation as farmers and entrepreneurs.

The procurement of  activities under this project include  contracts for goods, works and consultancy, different procurement methods such as International Competitive Bidding, National Competitive Bidding, Shopping and others will be used depending on the size and complexity of the contract. For the consultancy service assignments, various selection methods such as Quality and Cost Based Selections, Least Cost selections, Individual Consultants, etc. will be used depending on the nature of the assignment

3. The project includes the following components :

3.6              Project Components and Activities

The Project consists of the following three components and activities:

Component 1: Building Women Capacity for Peace Consultation Process

The following activities proposed under this component are founded on the New Deal with the understanding that ending the conflicts is a prerequisite for achieving sustainable human development and for promoting inclusive-led transition out of fragility and based on trust and transparency.

1.1        Training of women leaders and women led NGOs in the peace building process,

1.2        Community-based dialogue and consultations at the locality and state levels involving all key stakeholders, including Women’s groups (25%), to determine the priorities and future of Darfur (40-50 workshops),

1.3        Study tours to countries that have successfully transitioned from conflict to sustainable peace through community-based dialogue processes,

1.4        Technical support to ensure gender mainstreaming throughout the DIDC process, including design of tools, guidelines and trainings,

1.5        Consultancy services to help in the preparation and write-up of the Community Led Dialogue and Peace Process document (two national consultants for 3 months,

1.6        Cooperating with the peace building centers at local universities for delivering the training and dialogue and developing a peace, security and gender curriculum

1.7        Establishing radio stations to broadcast peace culture oriented programs,

1.8        Policy dialogue to promote women awareness of legislations especially family code, harmful practices (early marriage, FGM, lack of access to reproductive rights, gender based violence).

Component 2: Enhancing Capacity for Women in Agriculture

The purpose is to assist women farmers through training, skills upgrading and contributing to availability of inputs. The activities proposed under this component are:

2.1              Entrepreneurial skills training workshop for women business managers,

2.2              Conduct of Public Private Dialogue workshop,

2.3              Training of women farmers, extension agents and trainers,

2.5              Holding consultations meetings with seed producers and input dealers, Supporting activities demonstration plots run by the Agricultural Research Corporation,

2.6              Supporting farmers field schools run by the Agricultural Research Corporation,

2.7              Supporting seed multiplication efforts undertaken by the Agricultural Research Corporation, and

2.8              Equipping the public private sector desk set-up at SBEA.

Component 3: Capacity for actual Project management

The activities proposed under this component are:

·            Set up of the Oversight Committee and the Steering committee,

·            Appointment of project key staff (4),

·            Procurement and installation of office equipment,

·            Focal points for project coordination nominated and installed,

·            Technical assistance for procurement, accounting, financial & fiduciary management,

·            Administrative, accounting, financial & fiduciary manual,

·            Quarterly activity reports and annual financial and audit report,

·            M& E Systems, implementation & disbursement rates; and runtimes.

4. Procurement of goods and/or works will be in accordance with the Bank’s Rules of Procedure for the Procurement of Goods and Works. Acquisition of the services of Consultants will follow the Bank’s Rules of Procedure for the Use of Consultants. Bidding documents are expected to be available in (state month and year).

5. Interested bidders may obtain further information, and should confirm their interest, by contacting :

Executing Agency Mamoun Beheiry Centre  for Economic and social studies research in Africa MBC

  Address P.O. Box: 15110  –  No. 346 Block 37, ALAMARAT/

contact name  EL faith Ali  Procurement

   telephone number 0911441910

fax number Fax: +


°        Delete as appropriate